Company Updates + An answer to the question “How is cryptocurrency useful?”

  • The Strange Sensation of the Tungsten Cube
    There’s a new trend in crypto and it’s not a new NFT drop. Crypto twitter’s latest obsession is a... cube.
  • Money Saving Defi Tips
    As Bitcoin reaches a new ATH, there’s renewed interest in all things crypto and Defi. Perhaps this will turn into a bull run all over again. This is probably a good opportunity to rebalance your portfolio.
  • Will Bitcoin Ever be Green?
    The carbon footprint of Cryptocurrencies is always a heated topic. There are really two sides to this. For one, it’s a legitimate concern and a good discussion could be made on the topic. On the other hand, it’s used as a tool to bash everything blockchain by people who would still hate it even if the issue was solved.
  • Privacy On The Blockchain
    There are actually both public and private cryptocurrencies out there. The most popular ones like Ethereum and Bitcoin are public. Anyone can see exactly what an address owns and what transactions are made. Then there are privacy coins like Monero, where Zero Knowlege Proofs means none of this information needs to be made available to ensure that money is transfered trustlessly from Person A to Person B.
  • This Week in Cryptocurrency
    A lot has been happening in crypto this week. Much more than the usual break-neck pace of changes. Instead of having a singular topic, it seemed best to try and summarize them all.
  • World Governments are Getting in on Crypto 😂
    Blockchain technology is catching on, and dragging the rest of the world aboard. What we are beginning to see is the positive impacts of competition. Traditionally government-controlled finance has sucked for a long time. No one wants to carry around heavy precious metals, so we all just put up with the dollar bills they keep printing. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have introduced an alternative that is increasingly growing in popularity.
  • Profit Opportunities in Liquidity Mining (2021 part 1)
    We’ve got quite a number of articles now, so we’re going back over certain topics with more information/more thorough explanations. This weeks topic is Liquidity Mining, Yield Farming, AMM (Automated Market Makers)
  • What is Decentralized Finance and Why It's Important
    We’ve talked about a lot of heavy hitting subjects recently. Every once in a while, it’s good to get back to the fundamentals. The latest advancements of Defi (Decentralized Finance) is a common topic here so let’s talk about it from a different perspective.
  • How NFTs Could Impact Gaming
    Many of you here are likely to be gamers and in a previous article, we briefly mentioned blockchain gaming . Today we’re going a little deeper on that topic.
  • How to DYOR on Altcoins
    There is an endless number of people out there who will assume a position of authority and tell you what you should do with your money. Some of them are outright scammers and pyramid schemes. Some of them have vested interests or just aren‘t as knowlegeable as they make themselves seem (Elon Musk). A massive component on successfully investing in cryptocurrency is doing your own research (DYOR).
  • Defi Applications With Current Layer 2 Support
    We’re back with another Defi article. The markets have been wild recently: Bitcoin has dropped significantly. Dogecoin pumped even further. Just another Monday in the cryptocurrency industry honestly 😅
  • CardxCoin DEX
    As promised, a company update about the direction and status of CardxCoin. For a while now, we’ve stopped our ordinary service. Starting this week, we‘re officially transitioning into a different direction. TLDR: We’re building a DEX (decentralized exchange)
  • Rules for Buying Bitcoin in 2021
    Whatever skeptics might say, Bitcoin really makes you feel good if bought properly. Take Tesla. Of course, the news headings with the name of this company have been overused lately. But have you ever thought about what this sudden $1.5 billion BTC buy has brought them? Now take a deep breath. They have generated 20% on top of their investment in 2 weeks. That’s more money than all the Tesla cars produced in 3 months would cost. Now, while the markets are extremely bullish, every Bitcoin investor...
  • The Big Deal of NFTs
    Looking from the outside, into the Cryptocurrency ecosystem it’s difficult to understand the value being created. People don’t see what everyone on the inside is so excited about, but they see money flying around. Then they incorrectly assume the whole thing is a big bubble. To be fair, it’s not all logic and a crash is not impossible. Still, it’s far from the Tulip mania people claim it to be.
  • Scaling Blockchains
    A long time ago, the Ethereum community used to laugh at Bitcoin and it’s congested network and high fees. The tables have certainly turned. The whole Defi ecosystem has outpriced every day cryptocurrency users. The most popular applications like Uniswap suddenly cost over 100 USD per swap. At those prices, you’d need to move 10 thousand to call it a good deal. And, while Bitcoin has it’s own issues, the smart contracts on Ethereum are the worst offenders.
  • Why Buying Dogecoin is (probably) a Bad Idea
    We don’t like to bash any particular projects (and that is not our intentions here). It’s just hard at times watching a coin pump so high, knowing that there’s gonna be a huge crash around the corner. A lot of newbies are investing way too much into something they fundamentally don’t understand. If you’re looking for a sweet cash grab along the way that’s one thing. For those who think Doge will be the next big thing... please be careful.
  • Crazy Week in Crypto Land
    The concept of financial systems and money is evolving. It’s becoming more accessible and giving power back to every day people. The “old money” in the industry is being shaken, and that is no more evident than this past week.
  • Cutting Back a Bit
    For those of you who hadn’t already heard, we’re taking somewhat of a hiatus again. We’re taking cards from bulk sellers only during this time period (however we are not accepting new bulk sellers).
  • Cryptocurrency Decentralization and its Impact on Society
    Decentralization is undoubtably the future of the web (or web3 as we call it). It is coming whether you like it or not, whether you want it or not. As we are a company based on broadening the use of decentralized currency, we obviously have an opinion on it (a positive stake in it if you will).
  • Making your first Cryptocurrency Wallet
    The whole point of cryptocurrency is allowing individuals complete control over their money. That’s something unique and world changing. If you’re a citizen of a wealthy nation with a healthy economy, consider yourself lucky. Being a part of the global monetary system is a privilege that not everyone has.
  • Why is Cryptocurrency Useful?
    This is a bit of a deviation from our usual content. We do a lot of briefs on how to purchase cryptocurrency, how to use it, and the latest advances in the field. It‘s pretty much preaching to the choir as that is our audience. Just throw in click-baity titles and an emoji or two to keep your interest (😘 our secret formula). This one is for the skeptics.
  • Experiencing the ETH2.0 genesis
    As cryptocurrency technology advances, old blockchains get updated. This week Ethereum officially begins the transition to Eth 2.0. This was a multi-year long effort. The first part of that involved gathering a huge amount of people to become Network operators by staking 32 Eth a piece. All this totaled 524,288 Eth into a special contract.
  • Cyber Monday
    Just a reminder. The deals are still going strong for this final day. We are paying 3% bonus on our normal rates. Bulk sellers get 3% on top of their already increased rates. It ends at 11:59pm EST
  • Black Friday Deals, Crypto Edition
    It’s that time of year again. Black friday deals this year will be a little different than previous years due to the ongoing pandemic. Businesses and consumers alike are planning for shopping to be done online only. With Bitcoin prices reaching the moon, now’s a great opportunity to sell (just a little of course!). There are more holiday deals available for online purchase and many of those accept bitcoin. We’ve come up with a brief summary of what deals you can pay with cryptocurrency and deals...
  • Holidays are Coming!
    This coming week is Thanksgiving and Black Friday/Cyber Monday. Just a reminder. We ARE giving an extra 3% on all cards submitted on the 27th through the 30th.
  • Construction Coming to CardxCoin
    < p>Our userbase is growing quickly, and we’ve had our hands full. Especially with the reduction in hours that came with Covid-19. We are learning to adapt to both of them. This week and the next few, you may notice a few changes and even a few bugs.
  • Is Mining Still Worth It? 3 Pro Tricks
    Bitcoin prices are soaring past 15000 on to new heights for the year. This tends to be good for miners, same with high fees. Cryptocurrency mining is now a dream for most. On paper, it’s the ultimate “job”. Build a rig and earn money in your sleep 😏
  • Upcoming Black Friday Deals
    We were thinking about doing something for Halloween this year, but ended up running out of time on that 😅
  • PayPal and Broader Adoption of Cryptocurrency
    This week has been great for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency HODLers. Bitcoin price has shot past 11k and has been hovering around 13k for the past couple days. It’s a great reward for those of us who held on strong after the dip not so long ago.
  • Become a Millionaire Today. Risk Free (for a few seconds!)
    We’ve talked about decentralized loans before and I suggest you read about that first [1] [2]. Using the weird world of cryptocurrency, it is possible to:
  • Profit Opportunities in Liquidity Mining
    We’re continuing on the topic of Decentralized Finance this week. If you haven’t already, I’d suggest you read last weeks’ post. I promise it‘s short 😁
  • Crypto Mania is Making New Millionaires in 2020: Introduction to Yield Farming
    Bitcoin revolutionized the monetary system. Now 2020 brings that to the rest of the financial system in a concept known as Defi (decentralized finance).
  • Getting Gift Cards for Free (And Trading Them for Free Cryptocurrency)
    Here’s a dilemma. You want to try out Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but you don’t want to pay for it. You could try out cryptocurrency faucets, but those suck. You could work for them, but that’s hard. How else can you get your feet wet?
  • Keep Strong 👐
    Markets reward strong hands. Managing your emotions is key to making good decisions. This past week has been trying times for the community. Volatility is the nature of the game, and Bitcoin reminded us of that by dropping below 10,000 dollars today when just a few days ago it was worth around 12,000.
  • How to Spend Bitcoin for More Than It's Worth
    Bitcoin returns the last 3 years:
  • Relaunched (Soft launch)!
    So it’s been 4 months since we shut down due to the Covid-19 incident. It wasn’t exactly planned, but we made the best of it and we’re coming back better than ever. We’ve been working part time address many of the issues our users have mentioned that just never got the time they needed.
  • Relaunching Soon!
    It’s been crazy times out in the world. Hopefully the worst is already over. We had to shut down to reassess our operations in such turmoil. Even if this situation gets worse before it gets better, we’re confident that we’ll not only survive, but thrive. We are getting close to launching the new CardxCoin platform. We are marking our calendars for August 1st, however it may possibly be even sooner (look out for a beta release for our bulk sellers and other select users).
  • The Secret to Bitcoin Trading as a Beginner: DON’T TRADE
    Lots of people want to make money with Bitcoin and trading seems like a great idea. Unlike the stock and foreign exchange markets, cryptocurrency has a low barrier to entry due to being relatively unregulated. This can be both a good and a bad thing. The best part is that to start trading, all you need is to choose a cryptocurrency wallet and an exchange to start on your trade. From here, it is easy to get verified with the selected exchange and for your account funding. After the verification a...
  • What is Bitcoin all about?
    < p>So you heard about bitcoin on the news once. It sounded like the next fad all the Gen Z kids are onto these days just like fidget spinners and silly bands. Now years later, bitcoin's still kicking around and people are buying Lamborghinis. Maybe there's something to it...
  • This week in the Cryptocurrency Community
    It’s been a wild ride the past couple weeks. Bitcoin is continuing to flirt with the 10k line. Historically, bitcoin has had a difficult time breaking through this price point. In times like these, it’s even more likely to struggle
  • Using Bitcoin ATMs
    Did you know you can buy cryptocurrency in person as well as online? Bitcoin ATMs have been a thing for a long time now. However, it’s only within the past year or so that they’ve gotten widespread enough to be a legitimate option. If you live near a city or a relatively populated area, chances are there a couple Bitcoin ATMs for you to choose from
  • Avoiding Cryptocurrency Scams
    When you’re new to crypto you’re also at the most risk to get caught in a scam. Unfortunately newbies are often prayed upon by scammers. Cryptocurrency is completely non-reversible and difficult to connect to an identity so when a scammer gets you, they often get away with it.
  • Hiatus
    We are on break due to the COVID-19 incident. We have had to downsize a bit but we are working on the platform behind the scenes. We expect to be back better than ever as soon as the world gets back to normal 💪🏽