Company Updates + An answer to the question “How is cryptocurrency useful?”

  • Crazy Week in Crypto Land
    The concept of financial systems and money is evolving. It’s becoming more accessible and giving power back to every day people. The “old money” in the industry is being shaken, and that is no more evident than this past week.
  • Cryptocurrency Decentralization and its Impact on Society
    Decentralization is undoubtably the future of the web (or web3 as we call it). It is coming whether you like it or not, whether you want it or not. As we are a company based on broadening the use of decentralized currency, we obviously have an opinion on it (a positive stake in it if you will).
  • Black Friday Deals, Crypto Edition
    It’s that time of year again. Black friday deals this year will be a little different than previous years due to the ongoing pandemic. Businesses and consumers alike are planning for shopping to be done online only. With Bitcoin prices reaching the moon, now’s a great opportunity to sell (just a little of course!). There are more holiday deals available for online purchase and many of those accept bitcoin. We’ve come up with a brief summary of what deals you can pay with cryptocurrency and deals...
  • PayPal and Broader Adoption of Cryptocurrency
    This week has been great for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency HODLers. Bitcoin price has shot past 11k and has been hovering around 13k for the past couple days. It’s a great reward for those of us who held on strong after the dip not so long ago.
  • Keep Strong 👐
    Markets reward strong hands. Managing your emotions is key to making good decisions. This past week has been trying times for the community. Volatility is the nature of the game, and Bitcoin reminded us of that by dropping below 10,000 dollars today when just a few days ago it was worth around 12,000.
  • This week in the Cryptocurrency Community
    It’s been a wild ride the past couple weeks. Bitcoin is continuing to flirt with the 10k line. Historically, bitcoin has had a difficult time breaking through this price point. In times like these, it’s even more likely to struggle