Company Updates + An answer to the question “How is cryptocurrency useful?”

  • Rules for Buying Bitcoin in 2021
    Whatever skeptics might say, Bitcoin really makes you feel good if bought properly. Take Tesla. Of course, the news headings with the name of this company have been overused lately. But have you ever thought about what this sudden $1.5 billion BTC buy has brought them? Now take a deep breath. They have generated 20% on top of their investment in 2 weeks. That’s more money than all the Tesla cars produced in 3 months would cost. Now, while the markets are extremely bullish, every Bitcoin investor...
  • Experiencing the ETH2.0 genesis
    As cryptocurrency technology advances, old blockchains get updated. This week Ethereum officially begins the transition to Eth 2.0. This was a multi-year long effort. The first part of that involved gathering a huge amount of people to become Network operators by staking 32 Eth a piece. All this totaled 524,288 Eth into a special contract.