Making your first Cryptocurrency Wallet

The whole point of cryptocurrency is allowing individuals complete control over their money. That’s something unique and world changing. If you’re a citizen of a wealthy nation with a healthy economy, consider yourself lucky. Being a part of the global monetary system is a privilege that not everyone has.

We’d like to help you make your first steps into what we believe is the future of finance.

Paper Wallets

If you want a wallet as fast as possible a paper wallet might work out for you. It takes just a couple button clicks and you’ve got yourself a wallet that you can print out and store.

Caveats are:

  • You better not be intending to spend anything right away. You’ll need to import it (sweep) into a real wallet first
  • It’s bad practice. By the time you get to about a hundred dollars in value, you really should move the funds to something else

Paper Wallet for Bitcoin:

Paper Wallet for Ethereum:

Making a Desktop/Mobile Wallet

There is a never ending list of good choices for a Bitcoin wallet. If you’d like to see all the options available to you in a quiz format with pros and cons marked out, we recommend the Choose A Wallet service provided by

Our personal favorite is Electrum wallet

For Ethereum, the pickings a bit slimmer but there are still a ton of good options. Here are the ones recommended by the official ethereum website:

Our pick for mobile wallets is currently Lumi wallet and Coinomi

Hardware wallets

There comes a point in time when you need to get the top of the line in cryptocurrency storage. These wallets will cost you upwards of 60 dollars but they are worth every penny to secure your funds. An ordinary desktop or mobile wallet is decent security, however they provide almost no protection when used on a compromised device. Besides the security value, hardware wallets can store multiple different types of cryptocurrencies all on the same device. We would suggest investing in a hardware wallet at least by the time you get to 1000 dollars in value.

We recommend: