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  • Defi Applications With Current Layer 2 Support
    We’re back with another Defi article. The markets have been wild recently: Bitcoin has dropped significantly. Dogecoin pumped even further. Just another Monday in the cryptocurrency industry honestly 😅
  • The Big Deal of NFTs
    Looking from the outside, into the Cryptocurrency ecosystem it’s difficult to understand the value being created. People don’t see what everyone on the inside is so excited about, but they see money flying around. Then they incorrectly assume the whole thing is a big bubble. To be fair, it’s not all logic and a crash is not impossible. Still, it’s far from the Tulip mania people claim it to be.
  • Become a Millionaire Today. Risk Free (for a few seconds!)
    We’ve talked about decentralized loans before and I suggest you read about that first [1] [2]. Using the weird world of cryptocurrency, it is possible to:
  • Profit Opportunities in Liquidity Mining
    We’re continuing on the topic of Decentralized Finance this week. If you haven’t already, I’d suggest you read last weeks’ post. I promise it‘s short 😁
  • Crypto Mania is Making New Millionaires in 2020: Introduction to Yield Farming
    Bitcoin revolutionized the monetary system. Now 2020 brings that to the rest of the financial system in a concept known as Defi (decentralized finance).