The Strange Sensation of the Tungsten Cube

There’s a new trend in crypto and it’s not a new NFT drop. Crypto twitter’s latest obsession is a... cube.

The past few weeks, the crypto community on Twitter has started buying up all the Tungsten. This material is extremely dense and durable. You’d think that people are engraving their seed phrases onto it. Turns out they’re just holding it. Cubes made of Tungsten are very heavy relative to what they appear. I’ve been told that holding one is a sensation that can’t be understood until you hold it. It ends up being an expensive desk toy for people looking to cash out their gains. A cube of just 2 inches can cost 500 dollars.

To top it off, you can now purchase tokenized rights to touch a massive cube of around 2000 pounds. Midwest Tungsten Service has created an NFT for the cube on OpenSea for around 250 thousand dollars worth of ETH. Yes, for the low price of a quarter of a million dollars, one lucky person can touch the massive cube once a year.

I’ve yet to hold one myself, but I hope to get the chance one day. With all the dog coins, generated avatars, and memes the crypto community breeds, it’s cool to see something tangible to ape into.