Black Friday Deals, Crypto Edition

It’s that time of year again. Black friday deals this year will be a little different than previous years due to the ongoing pandemic. Businesses and consumers alike are planning for shopping to be done online only. With Bitcoin prices reaching the moon, now’s a great opportunity to sell (just a little of course!). There are more holiday deals available for online purchase and many of those accept bitcoin. We’ve come up with a brief summary of what deals you can pay with cryptocurrency and deals on cryptocurrency specific products.

Get a Discount on Crypto

Of course at CardxCoin, we are doing our own deal this year. 3% more on all our brands. More information here.

It’s quite valuable to be stocked up on cryptocurrency in times like these. We cover all fees, as usual which sweetens the deal in bull runs.

Ledger Nano Discounted on Amazon

We highly recommend storing your cryptocurrency in a hardware wallet.

It‘s easier to keep track of your portfolio for one. If you own multiple cryptocurrencies, a hardware wallet can store (most) all of them in one place.

They integrate well with online Dapps. If you’re interested in Defi at all, you’ll be using your hardware wallet a lot (or Metamask).

Lastly, the security is extremely good. They allow you to own your seed in a versitile and easy to use way.

Usually, a Ledger Nano sells for 59.99. Amazon has them for 51.00 dollars, so 15% off. As a disclaimer: It’s always preferable to by directly from the manufacturer for security. This would mean purchasing directly from the Ledger website at full price. However, we thought many would still be interested in purchasing it from Amazon. Combined with maybe 10% Name Your Discount on Purse, and it becomes very budget affordable.

Discounted Fees at ATMs

Coinflip is slashing fees for Black Friday. If you’re one who enjoys Bitcoin ATMs, they have a fine service. They’ve got machines located all over and they’re cutting fees by 25%.

Other Deals

Check out Black Friday Bitcoin. There are a lot more sales going, all neatly organized in categories.


We’ll continue to update this page if we hear about any more hot deals going on.

Happy holidays 🦃