Relaunched (Soft launch)!

So it’s been 4 months since we shut down due to the Covid-19 incident. It wasn’t exactly planned, but we made the best of it and we’re coming back better than ever. We’ve been working part time address many of the issues our users have mentioned that just never got the time they needed.

The big ones are:

  • Faster payout times
  • Higher rates
  • Improved fraud measures
  • All users get access to all our brands
  • More transparency (check out our new public trello)
  • No verification needed instant debit card purchases

There are some more features we added that are just wrapping up. The user interface was one thing that isn’t. It just so happened that we can start taking cards again. Instead of waiting to finish everything before relaunching, we’ll just keep working in concurrently with customers.