Getting Gift Cards for Free (And Trading Them for Free Cryptocurrency)

Here’s a dilemma. You want to try out Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but you don’t want to pay for it. You could try out cryptocurrency faucets, but those suck. You could work for them, but that’s hard. How else can you get your feet wet?

Enter CardxCoin

At CardxCoin you get paid in cryptocurrency for your unwanted gift cards... But you’re already on our blog so I bet you knew that already 😏

Alright so that’s half the battle plan worked out. All we need to do is find a way to get any of the 200+ brands of gift cards accepted on CardxCoin. Sign up and trade that for cryptocurrency. Now, how do we get those cards?

Getting Free Gift Cards

Turns out, it’s a lot easier to get free gift cards than it is to get free bitcoin.

Use Ones You’ve Received from Friends and Family (~50 dollars one time)

You probably already have some cards. Every birthday and holiday are a chance to get free gift cards. It’s practically the default gift people give when they don’t know what else to buy for you. If you haven’t spent them after the first few months, you might as well trade them in before you misplace them

Between 10-19% of cards have unredeemed balances, while 6% of cards go completely unused. Chances are high someone you know has a gift card they don’t care about. Maybe there isn’t a store nearby for the brand of card they have. Maybe they spent most of the balance and the remainder isn’t enough to bother going to the store. Even low balance, and previously used cards can be liquidated at CardxCoin. If you can buy unwanted cards at a discount from your friends or get them to give them to you for free, that’s a big win!

Credit Card Points (~50 dollars/month)

This is probably the most profitable means of getting gift cards. It can be quite lucrative if you put in a bit of thought.

You’ll never see Bitcoin as a credit card reward, but often free gift cards are an option. You were already going to spend money on your groceries and household items. Always make purchases with your credit card. Just make sure you watch your spending and set aside money in your bank account so you can pay the debt on time at the end of the month.

This will build your credit and you‘ll get cash back. You can then collect your points and get rewards. If your rewards program doesn‘t offer anything in particular you like, you can almost always buy gift cards with them. Then you can trade these for Bitcoin.

Swagbucks (~50 dollars a month)

If you’re dedicated, you can earn a lot of money on these types of platforms. They pay you in “Swagbucks” to do little things like watch advertisements and complete surveys. The hourly rate is abysmal, but it’s braindead work which means you can do it while doing your daily run on the treadmill

If you’re willing to spend an hour a day, you’ll likely make 50 dollars in a month. There are a number of rewards available to choose from. Occasionally some will be discounted, increasing your potential earnings.

Bing Rewards (~10 dollars/ month)

How much money would it take for you to switch to Bing? If you don’t have a strong preference for your search engine, you could earn money for doing the ordinary searches you do every day.

Even if you don’t like switching your search engine to Bing, there is a number of other activities available to you to earn some cash. There are usually 3 or 4 activities a day. Just click a link here and there and do a fun survey. It takes 5 minutes a day and you can get about 10 dollars a month if you’re consistent. The pay for the time and effort put in isn‘t terrible. It’s nice because it’s not filled with advertisements the way a lot of other pay to click platforms are.