Construction Coming to CardxCoin

Our userbase is growing quickly, and we’ve had our hands full. Especially with the reduction in hours that came with Covid-19. We are learning to adapt to both of them. This week and the next few, you may notice a few changes and even a few bugs.

Live Support

It‘s been very difficult in the past for us to fix user dashboard errors. For security purposes, only the user can access their own dashboard. We have mock accounts that we use for debugging. This works well most of the time, but not always. It doesn‘t address connection errors and other issues that could be device or browser specific.

To fill in the gap, we are investigating different live support integrations. It’s basically like Skype, but accessible directly on Currently, you can access it from the footer or the menu. If you give permission, it will share your screen with our support (only the tab on our website).

We are also implementing session recording. When an error is detected, a recording of the last few seconds of your browser will be automatically sent along with our standard bug tracking.

We‘re just introducing these right now. What we ultimately decide to do will depend on what customers feel best addresses their needs.

Updating Brands

It gets pretty hairy dealing with all the brands and rates that we offer. Sometimes brands get added or removed. We occasionally need to turn off a brand every now and then when we have recieved a high volume of them. There are times where what is shown as available on the website, is actually not available. It can be annoying when you go through the trouble of submitting a card, to have it turned down because we‘ve turned that brand off for a bit. Currently, we’re going through our brands and doing inventory of which are on and which are not. We are in the process of manually updating the customer UI to reflect this. In the future, we are working towards automating this.

Updated Branding

Some cosmetic changes are coming. We have some work being done on our illustrations and web design. We’re going for an itteration of our current design instead of a complete redesign. For our users, all the buttons and such should be in the same place. It should just be a pleasant update.

We are doing minimal amounts of work on the CardxCoin blog as well. Mostly, we are working on releasing more quality blog content, and improving what we have already written